Admissions Requirements


1. Entrance examination.
2. Return of well completed Data Forms.
3. Birth certificates.
4. Immunization records.
5. Two recent passports.



1. We behave professionally at all times whether dealing with other staff, parents or learners.

2. We dress presentably at all times.

3. We never hit, shout at, ridicule or smack a child.

4. English Language only is spoken at all times within and around the premises.

5. Staff do not receive visitors during their hours of work and for security reasons. No visitors (other than those enquiring about the facilities) are allowed on the premises at any time.

6. We treat all children with warmth, love, respect, kindness, patience and care. We are all jointly responsible for the children in our care.

7. If a child is naughty, we aim to distract and divert his attention. Persistently naughty, older children who have a better understanding of their behaviour are placed on a chair away from others for a cooling off period but not longer than 5 to 10 minutes.

8. The environment is kept clean, safe, tidy and presentable at all times.

9. Anything that could represent a hazard to children are removed or brought to the attention of the administrator or manager.

10. We adhere strictly to times given for break.

11. We do not leave the premises except during their individual break time and only for allotted period.

12. We sign the movement register every time we leave or arrive on the premises.

13. Children are never left alone. They are always supervised at all times: at the swimming pool, at play, work, while asleep, in the toilets and at meal times/snack.

14. Gossiping is strictly prohibited and jisting is not permitted while working.

15. We do not use mobile phones while at work. All phones are switched off during sessions. A staff who needs to be contacted in case of emergency, supplies the School phone number held by the School secretary.

16. All staff food and drink are consumed in the allotted staff area.

17. We do not leave our classrooms at times which are not allotted break times except where the business is child related or for short comfort breaks which is notified to the head of the unit.

18. Children are not given anything to eat other than that supplied by the Parent or School.

19. In the unlikely event of any accidents involving staff or children, details are entered into the accident book.

20. At closing, children are handed over only to the parent for collection or other authorized persons. IF IN DOUBT WE CHECK – OR contact a more senior member of staff or phone the parent.

21. If a child has not been collected after an hour, we phone the parent and log the call in the phone book.

22. Water is properly used and well managed. Children’s use of water is supervised.

23. Toys or other equipment are not moved from its normal room without prior authorisation. Equipment/toys are never to be moved off the premises. Regular audit of equipment is undertaken. If it is discovered that equipment is being stolen, it will result in dismissal of the staff concerned.

24. All equipment/toys are designed to provide many years of enjoyment if used properly. Children are to be properly supervised and cautioned from wrecking damaged.

25. Broken, damaged or defective toys are brought to the attention of the School Co-ordinator who will inform the manager.

26. We assess staff competence regularly and close competency gaps as part of quality control and continuous improvement.

27. We promote effective communication between the School and parents through parents’ seminars, notifications, pupil’s communication notebook and the conduct of regular survey of parents’ opinion on diverse interest.