Admissions Requirements


1. Entrance examination.
2. Return of well completed Data Forms.
3. Birth certificates.
4. Immunization records.
5. Two recent passports.


• Art: Moorefield School has a fully functional Art Studio. Fine arts such as painting, drawing, and sculpting not only help develop brain function and special reasoning skills, but can also help children improve fine motor skills. So, whether your children love to use a crayon, pencil, clay or paintbrush, we are sure to encourage their creative development through art.

• Outdoor activities: At Moorefield School, we encourage our learners to fully participate in sporting activities. Aside recess time, spending time outside can boost children’s brain function, especially areas regarding attention, concentration, and memory.

• Sports: Activities like Swimming, Cricket and Football are not only fun activities for children to participate in, but they give all the physical benefits of regular exercise. Sports can help your children increase their self-confidence as well as encourage regular, if not daily, practice of their activities.

• Music: Music increases reading and verbal comprehension among children who are exposed to musical experience. Research has shown that musical training encourages the development of neural processes as reflected in specific patterns of brain waves.

• Board Games: Games such as Chess and Scrabble may seem to be trivial, but these seemingly simple games can help your children practice their math and reading skills. Games that force your children to think strategically or use their reasoning skills help your children’s brain forge new neuronal connections.