Admissions Requirements


1. Entrance examination.
2. Return of well completed Data Forms.
3. Birth certificates.
4. Immunization records.
5. Two recent passports.




Pupils who learn in Moorefield Nursery and Primary School will enjoy a unique, foundation laying school experience through the provision of the following:


-   Early opportunity to speak the English and French languages correctly. Besides the inclusion of elocution in the School curriculum, all the teachers are trained to speak and teach in proper elocution.

-   ICT is leveraged on as a tool to enable Self-Directed and Collaborative Learning. ICT also serves as a tool to enrich pupils’ learning experience.

-   Embedded within the learning process is the use of in-Class Formative Assessment strategies that allow teachers to gather information about pupils learning in real-time so as to make timely adjustments to teaching and be more responsive to learners' needs.

-   We promote effective communication between the School and parents through parents’ seminars, notifications, pupil’s communication notebook and the conduct of regular survey of parents’ opinion on diverse interest